The easiest way to track SUS scores

Generate System Usability Scale (SUS) surveys, track results across the time and get valuable insights from your customers.

How it works

The first step

Generate a unique link in our app and share it with your existing customers by email or deliver a message by using Intercom, Mixpanel, MailChimp or thousands of other services.

The second step

Users get a link to a 10 questions survey and evaluate the usability of your product. You will get summarized SUS results on a dashboard by the end.

The third step

Compare your current usability score with the previous results and scores from other companies. Get the valuable feedbacks from your users to know the obstacles and what should be improved.

Our research

Our market research through professional designers and product managers showed a strong necessity in a professional solution for system usability scale measurements.

Some of the results are available to check.


of designers

Don’t know how to set a good metric for designer


of designers and PMs

Are looking for a tool warning about usability problems


of designers

Manage others designers and lead a team


of designers

Heard about SUS metric

What does this system measure?

It measures the perceived usability level of a product. System Usability Scale (SUS) is one of the most efficient ways of gathering statistically valid data and giving your app/site a clear and reasonably precise score. For instance, SUS might be 52 (poor).

Such a low score indicates an issue and the feedbacks from the survey will help to find out what exactly goes wrong with the website or app.

How will it help for a business?

“Design can drive exceptional returns for shareholders”.

Tracking SUS in a regular basis helps a business:

  • To keep an eye on user’s UX satisfaction.
  • To prevent a business from the destructive consequences of any design issues.
  • To set a clear metric for a design or a product team.

Do I need real customers to measure SUS?

Yes. You need to have at least 8 active users to run one survey.

How may I send a link to users?

You can send your request via email, chat or any other system like MailChimp, Intercom, Sendgrid, Mixpanel etc. Just copy a link, take our draft of a message and send it to your 20 active users.





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